Personal Branding for Employability



Lesson 1: Your professional profile – Learning to turn your personal interests into professional opportunities.
Lesson 2: The professional environment, your professional environment. Analysis of strengths and areas for improvement in personal branding (2 videos of 1 H each and one of 30 min)
Lesson 3: Know the job market
Lesson 4: SWOT analysis of strengths and areas for improvement in personal branding
Lesson 5: Social Media as a means for employment
Lesson 6: Digital marketing tools for personal branding (3 videos, 1:30 H)
Lesson 7: Learn to use Google and its tools efficiently (3 videos, 45 min total)
Lesson 8: Other applications of interest: Blogs, YouTube and networking
Lesson 9: What are social networks and how are they used to find a job (2 videos, 40 min)
Lesson 10: The basics for network positioning: Instagram, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (2 videos, 30 min)
Lesson 11: Competencies and action plan
Lesson 12: Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Lesson 13: How to make a Curriculum, tips and what to avoid (Video 24 min)
Lesson 14: Strategies and tools to boost your CV
Lesson 15 – Essential tools for job seeking: Motivation Letter
Lesson 16: Networking works
Lesson 17: Interviewing for your dream job!
Lesson 18: Resources for working in Spain and Europe
Lesson 19: Previous concepts: residence, permits, reference pages
Lesson 20: The soft landing in another country: Internships
Lesson 21: Volunteering in Spain and Europe


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